Every Child is different and so are a family's Child care needs. Here are some reasons why family child care may be a perfect fit for you.

State licensed family child cares are restricted to a set number of children in care so your child will never be one of 15-20 in a classroom.

Family child caregivers can offer  more personalized care for each child due to low numbers and the flexibility to change daily schedules to suit the needs of the children in our care.

Family child care is owner operated. The quality of the care is a direct reflection of our own business. Your child will begin and end care with the same provider.

Age groups of family child care can be quite diverse. This allows younger children the opportunity to learn from older children as well as their peers. It also allows older children the opportunity to assist and teach the younger children.

Family child care generally cost less than center based care due to less over head and no staff to pay. This lower cost however doesn't affect the quality of care.

A family child care becomes a second home for most children where they become another member of the family.

Why Choose Family Child Care?

More Personalized


Mixed Age


A Second Home

Lower Ratios

Less Staff


Lower Cost